Cutterbar for everyday use.

Cutterbar Variants for greater efficiency.

The 2.6 m cutterbar ensures easier maneuverability. The machine is able to traverse in places where space is less.

The working width of 3.2 m is ideal for bigger fields and where seed generation is the priority.

Crop lifters.

CLAAS crop lifters fitted at the knife section lift every single plant, especially in crops such as basmati, chickpeas and legumes. They also prevent damage to the knife holder when operating in uneven fields.


Every plant counts. The crop dividers separate the plants before cutting, to ensure no uncut plant gets crushed by the cutterbar or the tyre. The curved reel arm provides extra room for the reel to move vertically, which helps in laid crops. The reel tine angle can also be adjusted to suit different crops and conditions.

Continuous working with complete confidence.

The proven slip clutches for the reel and the auger provide additional safety in the event of an overload. This unique feature ensures that the machine can be used continuously without any problems.

Hexagonal reel.

The hexagonal reel of the cutterbar helps in maintaining a consistent crop feed and can therefore reduce feeding losses and increase your profit.